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Introducing myself finally after lurking for 4 years

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 9:27 pm
by dregalia
Hey all,

Seriously, I created this account 4 years ago, and forgot I had built it until fate brought me back now that i'm getting into hacking thru a K40 controller upgrade.

Last time, I was looking up 3d printers to make I think.. not sure.. but anyways, might as well do this right.

I am building a k40 replacement controller, and something has brought me here that speaks of upgrading a Marlin Ramps board on an Arduino 2560 board.. and it might be able to control the power of the laser without using the little knob that specifies power.. if this makes sense to anyone... I saw it on a Tim Schmidt post on GitHub, and it runs back to here.

I'd like to get more info on the subject... maybe even contribute a little to it.

thanks and cheers