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Full Human Body 3D Scanner available @Makemendel

Postby makemendel » Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:47 am

Full Human Body Scanner can scan entire Human Body or object of same size. This scanner combines all the scans together and produces a highly detailed 3D scan model of scanned Object.

Full Body Human Scanner creates detailed replication of any human being/Object via 3D scanning technology by conducting detailed scans of human bodies or faces, and creating miniatures, figurines/ 3D replications that you can physically hold in your hands.

Full Body Human 3D Scanner comes with:

1) Rotary table.

2) Stand for vertical movement

3) Scanner Software.

Technical Details :

1) Scan Volume: It can scan full human body, Object of size range in 0.1mtr - 12mtr.

2) Scan camera resolution:1280 x 960

3) Scan Speed: Minimum 2 Mins.

More about the 3D Scanner at http://makemendel.com/3d-printer/full-body-human-scanner
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3D Printed Object
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