Presentation and a lot of questions

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Presentation and a lot of questions

Postby jacksonrb » Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:57 pm

Hi people, nice to meet you.

Im new here and starting in the laser world. I have experience with CNC (lathe and milling) but im looking for something that produce less chips and dusty, but I discover quickly that chips and dusty it´s much safer than invisible light that can make a hole in your body while you breathe cyanide smoke :?
I don’t be fool to ask for a multipurpose-cheap-unbreakable-fast machine to cut/engrave/weld from paper to adamantium. I want a machine to help me in wood crafts (which involves cuts up to 3mm of MDF and rubber stamp) and cardboard crafts. I have read a bit about rubber stamp here and already see that is not so easy, but cut until 3mm of MDF appear not be a big problem.

I tried to find some chart about power needed x material x thickness but don’t found accurate information yet, so I decide put my doubts here and if someone can help me I’ll appreciate it.

About Laser Tube:
- To cut and engrave MDF (until 3mm) and rubber (for stamp) do you think that 40W tube is enough?

About Power control:
- I found one amazing link here ( ... -fool.html) this helped me a lot to understand the laser power curve. This article is from 2011, and of course the physics didn’t change from there to here, but I want know if we have some evolution in DSP (or software) controller that made this adjust more automatically.

About life time;
- Putting the laser under less stress grow your lifetime? (this is obvious for other things, but I really don’t know about laser. For example, if the lifetime is drivn by ionizing capability of CO2 mixture or the laser diode powered on time). I’m asking this because if a 40W laser can do your job running in 100% (or near) it would not be better buy a 50W running, I don’t know, about 80%?.

About mechanical parts:
- My experience with milling and lathe turn this part easy (except for the Z axis case that move the table, not the tool). Based in fact that the tool don’t touch the material, the torsion and mechanical stress is very low, but I’ve seen the vast majority of projects using time belts. The backslash is acceptable for a good finishing?

About my hands, eyes, etc….
- Don’t exist some protection (like anti dust bellows) to put between mirrors to avoid accidents? Because I didn’t see one project with it.

Thank you so much and I hope that in a short time I can contribute, not only ask.
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