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what pins can i use for a flow meter

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:54 pm
by jc286006
Hello everyone
I am using an arduino/ramps1.4 to control the z bed on my K40 laser right now. I would like to hookup a flow meter to it to be able to monitor cooling water flow. I have done multiple searches but can find no info as to what pins on the ramps1.4/arduino to use for hooking up a flow meter. Also if anyone is familiar with the marlin firmware that this setup uses could you steer me in the right direction to change the flow rate on the lcd display to show the flow rate of the flow meter I have. Right now I have it connected to a mega 2560 just to test and can get serial readout from it but I cannot find in the marlin firmware what to change to get it to display in the F/R heading that would be for 3d filament flow. Thanks for any help