Mechanical Connector for CO2 Laser Connection

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Mechanical Connector for CO2 Laser Connection

Postby reeser » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:18 pm

Hi All:

When I got ready to hook my Laser Power Supply to the Laser Tube I discovered thru YouTube videos and Forum searches that most of the connection schemes were using alligator clips or fine wire to mechanically wrap the wiring onto the connection on the glass tube. I also found much debate on the advisability of soldering the connection on, with a consensus advising against it. Once a "connection" was made some form of fusion tape was usually used to complete the job.
In thinking about it I decided it would not be too difficult to make a mechanical connector that would be, perhaps, a bit more reliable than the aforementioned methods.
Attached are a couple of photos of a mechanical connector I made that will attach to both the copper connector from the tube and the Power Supply wire. On my particular tube the projection from the glass of the copper connector is just slightly longer than 1/8". I made the 2-56 tapped hole 1/16" from the end of a piece of 1/4" D. brass rod. The through hole is .056"D as the copper connecter is .055" D. I made the other 2-56 tapped hole .375" from the same end and the overall length of the brass rod is .5625". This leaves about 3/8" to insert the PS wire from the opposite end.
I think this will work pretty well. I even found some 1/4" fusion tape that is Red at McMaster-Carr :)

I just thought someone might have an interest in an alternate way to connect your wiring.

Comments are welcome


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Re: Mechanical Connector for CO2 Laser Connection

Postby cvoinescu » Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:22 am

You could also buy one of these. Not sure about the US, but they're very common in the UK: any hardware store has them. When you take the screws out, the brass metal inserts slide out. One 12-position strip is enough for six tubes, and only costs a dollar or two.
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They're nowhere nearly as nicely machined as your clamps, but they work in the same way.
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