Laser alignment again. Workpiece is hit angular

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Laser alignment again. Workpiece is hit angular

Postby bloq » Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:57 pm


i have been playing around with my laser for months now and i still love it. I have been struggling with the air assist until i decided to buy another head from lightobject in order
to make everything even better. When installing the lower part of the head (i use the silver one on the top and only the air connection on the bottom i noticed that my beam almost hits the air assist opening on the left side. On the workpiece the dot looks normally (not oval) so i guess it does not hit the corner but it is very close to. You can see the distance on the attached image (i tried to chose the viewing angle so that you can see the offset).

Now my question: How can i change this? I am not sure where that comes from. The last mirror ist hit in the middle everywhere on the whole table. Could it be, that the upper
part of the head is rotated? How did you adjust the head so that it is exactly perpendicular?

thank you very much!



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Re: Laser alignment again. Workpiece is hit angular

Postby rsm5178 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:58 pm

I think I had a similar issue, but I don't remember what I did to fix it...

Is the focus lens installed correctly and flat? Is the laser head flat and tight?

I know at one point I had my mirror upside down. Good thing I read this newsletter I received with my laser bits order. ... 2016_2.pdf

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