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Chimera 2.x Laser Buildlog

Postby compatta » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:50 am

As i have built the Ord Bot, and Shapeoko CNC Before, i wanted to finally create a hybridized design that allowed me to really enjoy the build process for a good looking laser cutter. I saw that
in 2010, Bart had a Chimera Design that used the normal Buildlog Laser 2.X Components and just simply included an attachable Direct Driver Extruder onto the X Gantry. Using ReplicatorG at the time, the software lacked Feedrate Settings and overall opensource 3D Printing was still in its very early stages.

Come 2015, the commonly available Ramps 1.4 3D Printing Board now comes with with the DRV8825 Drivers ( up to 2.5 Amps ) and now has a firmware that allows for the use of a combined Laser Cutter and 3D Printer using commonly available and cheap Controller Boards.

=== Goals ===

Have a functional Laser Cutter with up to 500 mm/s Feedrate in addition to large size 3d Printer with detachable Bowden/Direct Driver Extruder. Use Ramps 1.4 Electronics and use Inkscape to Gcode Plugin Workflow. Use Objectworks software if it succeeds in its kickstarter.

The only difference that i made with from the design of the Standard Buildlog 2.X Laser is:

-Modification of the X-Gantry to include a mount for an attachable 3D Printer Extruder
with a Boden/Direct Drive Design. When its being used as a Laser, i take off the extruder.
When using as a 3D Printer, i attach the extruder and put it in "3d Printer Mode." I primarily
only want to print in PLA as i haven't quite figured out how to do the Heated Bed...

-Use of GT2 Belts and Pulleys instead of MXL for the X and Y Axis. GT2 should give increased accuracy
and less backlash compared to MXL belts.

-As sourcing of the GT2 Belt at 2 Meter lengths is difficult / Painful for the Z-Axis, i will use either a fishing line design
(kinda Taboo) or somehow do a 3 belt arrangement. Haven't quite decided.

-Most of the CNC Plastic Parts are 3D Printed.

-Attempt to minimize Cutting Aluminum. I am not too confident in my extrusion cutting skills with accuracy.

-Z-Axis motor put on the bottom to make it further away from the Laser Tube

-Use Single shaft Stepper motor as sourcing Dual Shaft Stepper motors can be difficult and is not worth
sourcing on its own.

-Use of DRV8825 Drivers to see if it improves torque in any ways possible

As i am currently in the purchasing and hashing out stages, i will keep you all posted.


Suppliers Utilizers
-Bolt Depot
-Home Depot
-Lightobjects ( in the future...optics are expensive!)


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Thingiverse Pulley Customizer

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