bloq's 2.x buildlog

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bloq's 2.x buildlog

Postby bloq » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:02 am

Hey all,

i finally got started with my 2.x laser yesterday. I have been thinking about building one for over 2 years but i never really liked the build log site (sorry!). I always found it very difficult to find what you need and i needed several tries until i was sure enough that i can do the build. Building the 2.x laser in Germany is a bit more difficult because several parts are not available and you have to do a lot of research. I will try to document my metric conversion in order to make things easier for other people in the same situation. Furthermore i will show where i found my parts which may help other people.

My laser will be slightly resized in order to create a working envelope of 594 x 420 mm (A2 format in Germany). I think i will use the X7 DSP Controller from Lightobjects but this is a decision which is not made yet but i am pretty sure. I have some experience with arduino so i am going to use the great sub subsystem from scotts build for my 2.x (thank you for the code and knowledge!).

I already own an eshapeoko but i decide to let the plastic parts 3d printed from the guy where i also bought the metal parts. It is blomker industries from malaysia and you can also find him on the forum. Bayer is a really nice guy and i would always buy again from him because the parts are really good quality and were delivered very fast. Later i found a source for the metal parts in germany but i still would stay with blomker because of the good service.

For now - thank you to all the people on the forum who already helped me out to get the thing started. I am looking forward to everything to come…

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Re: bloq's 2.x buildlog

Postby bloq » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:12 am

Sourcing so far:

i already bought them and this was really not easy because lots of german companies calculated up to 900 Euros for the skins (??). I finally found a company which
also shipped the skins which were made from alu dibond in black. (German)

Plastic Parts and the three metal Parts
As i already mentioned above

MISUMI of course (German / International)

Most of the screws and bolts so far
Befestigungfuchs (German)

Makerslide, Idlers and V-Wheels (German)

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