Urb Suna's 2.x Laser Build

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Urb Suna's 2.x Laser Build

Postby Urb Suna » Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:32 pm


After reading a lot and comparing the buildlog with alternatives (chinese/lasersaur/..), I've decided to finally start on the buildlog! I live in Belgium so will be will be looking for European suppliers. I'll thankfully make use of the info of others, in particular Zebythal's info & metric conversions as he made a nice detailed blog about his build.
My aim is mainly to get up and running quickly, so I can effectively use the lasercutter. Later I'll probably retrofit some more control (based on sshwarts nice arduino implementation) & improvements (such as Ben Jackson's laser pointer).

For me this is the first build of such a kind I'll be doing. I'll probably put a wrap up here about the different steps I take. It will be somewhat detailed, perhaps a bit too much even, but It'll help me structure my own thoughts and decisions and might help some others who also have little experience.

Starting off with the frame:
As pointed out by others here and on other forums, Motedis is a good alternative to Misumi in Europe, delivering high precision cuts on similar profiles. I've chosen the B-type profile with 6mm slots as this is the same slot size as misumi's HFS5.
Alternatively the I-type with 5mm slots would be fine as well I guess, but as the makerslide is based on the HFS5 and also has 6mm slots, I'd prefer them to be the same size.
Biggest difference between the B-type & the HFS5 is the center of the profile which is suited for M6 threading where as the HFS5 foresees M5, but this shouldn't be an issue here as far as I can see.

I'll follow the path of sshwarts and order an extra 560 length to easily support the electronics.

Motedis allows ordering by piece or by bar of 3m/6m (where they include the leftover) which is slightly cheaper per m, though obviously you have to pay for the whole bar. Ordering by piece would be a little cheaper here, but I'd like to have some profile length in spare just in case. I'll need 3 bars of 6m as the total length is 16,228m.

Using excel's build in solver I searched for the optimal solution, maximizing usage of bar 1 & 2 and thus leaving the largest possible piece as a leftover in bar 3.
Motedis parts.png

*For cutting Motedis discounts 50mm per bar + 8mm per cut

Pretty strange that a solution could be find using the exact distance needed :o , not a mm wasted. But I don't see anything wrong in the calculations so should be ok :)
Urb Suna
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Re: Urb Suna's 2.x Laser Build

Postby sshwarts » Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:21 am

Welcome to the club (so to speak).
I also found that this tool was invaluable:

At least as a reality check.

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Re: Urb Suna's 2.x Laser Build

Postby alvaro » Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:40 am

The important thing is the gantry X and Y stages
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Re: Urb Suna's 2.x Laser Build

Postby Zebethyal » Sun Mar 13, 2016 5:07 pm

Welcome to the forum.

Many thanks for the kind words, looking forward to following your progress.
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Re: Urb Suna's 2.x Laser Build

Postby Biotech1 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:08 am

are kit still being made..sorry to hijack
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