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Postby SystemsGuy » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:26 am

Drop me a PM Carl - I usually make a trip stateside once a month or so, and rarely use all my luggage or duty free allowance - so small bits are fine, and if it something we both need, even better.

I've loads of GT2 belts and pulleys I've picked up as well as a couple of standard Prusa style PCB heatbeds, and may even have enough aerogel to make a couple of backing mats.

carl wrote:I suppose it's even better when folks can go in person (I'm probably off to a US client in April or so). When time's a little more free I'll make a list of some of the surplus parts I needed to order in bulk (I have spare imperial spring plungers to try with my Qu-bd extruder, for example, plus odds such as nylon P-clips to tidy cables, ready to vanity tint in blue (!) which I added to Farnell US orders; they'll see some use but not a pack of 100).
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