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New Member Introduction - Lake City, Florida, USA

Postby briankb » Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:13 pm

I'm a fabricator/maker in progress and recently acquired a Shark Mako edition CNC Machine and a "Deluxe Hobby" laser cutter from Unfortunately, I had to to return the "Deluxe Hobby" from FSL in Vegas after having it fail many times and then just die completely. Thankfully I'm only out of pocket a few $ for shipping charges and so far they have been great about the RMA and return process. They even said I could keep the Inventables acrylic sample pack which was included with the machine.

I've been in contact with RedSail and Shenhui Laser in China and the prices are good compared to those same machines already imported which usually runs 2-3x. However I'm concerned about the import process and the quality of the components. The more I read on CNCZone the less I want to purchase a laser directly from China and deal with any problems. So then I remembered this site and the DIY Laser Cutter build. I have a CNC machine and a wood shop of tools so I think I will have a reasonable chance to build a good quality laser cutter from these plans.
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