how to stop children from playing mobile or computer games

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how to stop children from playing mobile or computer games

Postby Cheyenne Hubschmitt » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:16 am

Nowadays, young people like to play online games with smart phones so much. Once they have time, they will take out their cell phones and then get addicted to it. So we can see people low down their heads everywhere, such as the bus station, the dinner table even they are walking down the street. How crazy it is. Now we abvocate the no playing games slogan by using the mobile phone signal jammer. Just start from here and you will pick up the right size for your no games life.
Though most people have been told the danger of playing games for hours, they still ignored it. Recently, a woman was reported to turn blind after playing online games for a long time. When she was sent to hospital, the doctor told her family they could do nothing to fix her eyes. What a great tragedy. Another example show that one young boy always looks at his cell phone without notice the coming car and lost his life at last. All this is the bad effect of using cell phones. How to solve such problem and get back the normal life for us. You should thaink about the right application of one mobile phone signal jammer which can block the phone signal when you need. We do not like people always playing cell phone or play games during class, we also dislike the phone rings when you are in meetings and also the mobile phone is not popular in hospital or gas station, etc. This is the reason why we apply the mobile phone signal jammer widely in our daily.
At this young age, everybody can enjoy a happy life. We should take the regular exercise and keep the healthy lifestyle, stopping to play cellphone for hours. No playing phone games with the practical mobile phone signal jammer kit right now!
Cheyenne Hubschmitt
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