New Parts for 2.x Laser or CNC Price Drop

CNC/Laser Related Items Only Please

New Parts for 2.x Laser or CNC Price Drop

Postby wmgeorge » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:37 pm

Here are pictures of the X-Y table 400 x 600 from LightObject and the mounts I made. The table has 2 stepper motors installed along with the micro switches. Meant for building a laser engraver Link> ... -P715.aspx.

FYI in case anyone is wondering, yes I always make a donation to any Forum I am active in online.
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I have a complete McMaster Carr and Misumi order enough I believe for at least one 2.x build, but you will need a way to cut as a hacksaw. I have 10pc's 1400 mm long plus another 2800 mm of cut pieces, of the HFS5 2020 stuff, 45 of the angle corners , 200 of the 5mm captive nuts, 5mm socket head cap screws (200), 2 sets of hinges and more. I have a Word Doc I will try to attach but can send via email with the complete Lists But $85 takes it all plus PayPal, and actual shipping costs if needed. Price for table with mounts installed (no optics) is $175 plus shipping and PayPal is fine. The red dot shown is just a laser level I used for alignment.

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Re: New Parts for 2.x Laser or CNC Price Drop

Postby pinoynyc » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:37 pm


I just joined buildlog and planning to build 2.x, I'm assuming you are selling the xy stage table and the uncut pieces of 8020, is that correct?
I'm interested, please PM me.

Thank you,

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