Misumi Extrusions for Building

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Misumi Extrusions for Building

Postby wmgeorge » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:59 pm


I have a complete McMaster Carr and Misumi order enough I believe for at least one 2.x build and it will also work for other build projects. In long 1400 mm lengths, except for 3 other pieces. So you can cut to the length you need. I have 10pc's 1400 mm long plus another 2800 mm of 3 cut pieces, of the HFS5 2020 stuff, 45 of the angle corners , 200 of the 5mm captive nuts, 5mm socket head cap screws (200), 2 sets of hinges and more. Attached .Doc file.

Priced at $85 plus shipping and I can take PayPal.
Parts List
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