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S&A waterchiller CW5000 only $549USD

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:27 pm
by lasertube
CW-5000 Water Chiller(AC110V or 220V)

this unit controls the temperature of the laser tube cooling water and prevents laser operation
if water flow fails or chiller is left off.
Compact design with ±0.3'C temperature accuracy
Compressor delay circuit, over-current protection
Over-heat temperature alert, water flow protection
CE certified
Cooling Power: 692W
BTU: 2361 BTU / h
Input power: AC 220V, 50Hz
Current; 2.1A
Compressor power: 3/8HP, 305Watt
Freon: R134a
Pump power: 30W
Lift (cut off) : 10m (33ft)
Rate: 10L/min, 158GPH
Ambient Temp.: ≤ 35 ' c
Chilled Water Temp. 8~30'C