Metal Parts for Laser 2.X (.dxf files)

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Metal Parts for Laser 2.X (.dxf files)

Postby rsm5178 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:08 pm

Hey Laser Community,

In case anyone would like to source their own plates, here are the flat plate layouts for the laser 2.x that I made from the model a few years back.

*****IMPORTANT******It is very important to use 5052 grade aluminum for the plates with bends. The flat plates can be 6061 grade. All plates are 1/8" thick in design.

I preferred to water jet the ones I made, but a laser should also work the same.

You will also need:

1. PEMS (I used which can be pricey in small quantities due to shipping)

2. Way to bend the plates (brake press is preferred)

3. Way to press in the PEMS (hydraulic press is preferred)


2.X Metal
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