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Onlyjus Cheapo CNC

Postby onlyjus » Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:57 am

Here is the story. A while ago I decided dive into the world of CNC by bidding on some stepper motors, cheap controller (Ebay Special!), and 80 skateboard bearings in an attempt to build a simple machine much like the one on instructables, but maybe a little better/bigger. After multiple trips to the hardware store I built a simple 3-axis machine. Nothing really special and what surprised me the most is that I got the darn thing to work! Then came along dirktheeng and he showed me his laser that he has been working on and introduced me to this site. At any-rate, I though I would post up some pictures of my current, fairly crude, cheapo CNC machine!

I blogged about the build over on blogspot: onlyjus CNC


It works fairly well but there is much to be desired as always. So now I am moving on to the next version! Don't quite know what it will look like yet... makerslide?
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Re: Onlyjus Cheapo CNC

Postby dirktheeng » Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:56 pm

Hey Justin!

You should make a build log for your new CNC. I saw the blog too of the design you are working on. It looks pretty good. I find it somewhat fun to post pics of the stuff you build on this site. It's easy and the community is pretty good and friendly. I think people would have a lot of good suggestions for stuff too.
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