Borosilicate + T-Glase = Boom

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Borosilicate + T-Glase = Boom

Postby orcinus » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:56 pm

Well, not quite boom, more like *POP*.
If it weren't borosilicate blass, it would've been a boom, though.

I've seen photos of prints gouging glass beds before, some ABS, some T-Glase, but never to the extent i've just had it happen to me.
Check this out:


The thing in the middle is a furrow ripped out of the glass bed by the print in the lower left.
The smooth curved surface of the print in the lower left is actually half a millimeter of glass permanently fused onto the PET (T-Glase).

No glue was used. Just PET printed on the naked glass bed.
And no undue removal or forced cooling either. I just left the bed with the print to cool on its own.
Apparently, T-Glase decided to bond to the glass REALLY well and the infill contracting as it cooled down took care of the rest.

From now on, any time someone tells me borosilicate glass is too expensive, i'll show them this photo and remind them of what fun i would've had collecting the shards all across my room if it were regular silicate glass.
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