Best Industrial Uses for 3D Printing

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Best Industrial Uses for 3D Printing

Postby 3dtech » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:51 am

The manufacturing itself is additive. Many layers are added to make the final object. Two methods are utilized by industries. One involves plastic extrusion to make the object. Another involves fabricating metal.

Automated processes are continuously being developed. Whatever the method used, the following underlying principles must be adhered to. First, a model must be created via computer aided design package or via a 3D-scanner. Special software can also be used as well as digital cameras. Next the model is checked to trouble shoot potential errors that may have occurred during creation. Errors may include holes, manifolds and also intersections. These must then be repaired before the printing is done. 3d printing services vapi gujarat


Uses of 3D printing


Architects make models of buildings before construction is done. The models give the building’s general outlook and can help pinpoint potential errors that can be corrected before formal construction begins.
benefits of 3d printing in architecture


Doctors create models of medical equipment and can be used in prosthetic design. It has also been used to generate new organs by implanting stem cells. Of particular importance is the use of the technology in creating heart valves. 3d printing medical advances

Food Industry

Chefs achieve precision and accuracy in layering and preparation of a variety of food items, 3D-Printing has been used. Foods such as candy and chocolate have benefited the most from the technology.


Cars like Audi RSQ and Urbee were wholly created or mounted using robotic mechanisms that result from 3D-printing. Soon, all automobiles will be made using this technology if the trend is any indication. impact of 3d printing on automotive industry


The military finds 3D printing useful in creating improved versions of the defense equipment. It is however majorly used by various military outfits to create spare parts for their fighter aircraft. military additive manufacturing


Various designers are using 3D-printing to make eye wear, clothes and shoes that can fit their clients. A good example is Nike which is using it to create shoes for players of American football. 3d printing fashion future

Creation of valves

3D printing has been used to tailor valves according to user specifications. The technology has also increased the rate of manufacturing of these valves and has produced valves that are very light in weight.

Rapid manufacturing

This type of manufacturing promises to produce a finished product instead of producing different parts that are then assembled. Experts postulate that this can be made possible using 3D printing technology.

Customization of items

Consumers are using this technology to customize their products. Companies are putting customization software at their customer’s disposal so that they can modify the product according to their preference. These are then printed using 3D printing technology. This technology promises to improve output in various sectors as can be seen by the current trends. 3d printing in Madhya Pradesh,Chhattisgarh,maharashtra,mumbai,pune,telangana india
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