New Desk Design Ideas?

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New Desk Design Ideas?

Postby enmity » Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:03 am

So I've spent the past couple of days assembling the Ord bot kit i purchased from ATI and completed the mechanical portion on the floor in my work area. Now I was about to start on the electronics portion but I realized I couldn't do that on the floor with the soldering iron and all the things I needed. I tried to use my PC desk and that's way too small to get anything done correctly with all the equipment I was going to use. After looking on the internet for a couple of hours I couldn't find a desk suitable for my needs so I decided to try to design my own. Ive never used a cad program other than autocad LT but I've been told how easy solidworks is so I decided to give it a try. I asked the I.t. guys at work to set me up with a solidworks license so I could play around with it and I came up with something I'm comfortable with. I made the basic assembly using misumi extrusions and the desk top will be made of 1/2 in maple. I got the basic shape and overall structure done now im going to start adding the drawers and shelves, I edited a jpeg in photoshop so you can see what im going to try to accomplish and you can see the solidworks files in my dropbox account. Current price without the shelves, drawers and screws ect. is about 250 bucks and im hoping to keep it under $1000. Okay so my big questions are am I going in the right direction? has anyone seem a desk that I'm trying to make somewhere? (so I can buy it). I know my solidworks designing is not the way it should be (still learning the mating process) but i get the jist of it. The shelves will be used for my electronics stuff; scope, simulator, power supply ect. any input would be greatly appreciated.

Planning on using this monitor stand. ... 2-0019.htm
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