Gcodetools - free CAM extension for free Inkscape

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Gcodetools - free CAM extension for free Inkscape

Postby Nick » Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:41 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm one of the developers of Gcodetools and want to introduce it to you. Gcodetools is a simple extension for vector editor Inkscape. Inkscape is a free vector drawing tool (like Corel draw or Illustrator), which works with svg, so there's a lot of files in the internet that can be cut in just two clicks. More info on Inkscape you can find at http://www.inkscape.org.

Now to Gcodetools, it's an extension written in Python that allows to export any paths from Inkscape to Gcode, and some more. Path are exported using biarc interpolation so instead of polylines with many small straight segments you'll get smooth curve consists of arcs.
Some features of Gcodetools dealing with laser cutting:

  • Path to Gcode.
  • Tools library - allows you define different tools parameters for different layers = allows you to use different parameters for different materials.
  • Orientation points - is a two or three points orientation system. Allows you to move, rotate and scale resulting gcode depending on defined points
  • All inkscape stuff - fonts, drawing tools, much, much more... Including templates for different materials, and any other helpful drawing describing your machine.
  • In-Out paths - it's a preprocessor which allow to add custom in-out trajectories to your path to make it smoother.
  • Area processing.

Also it has own features for lathes, mills, and other machines.

Inkscape as well as Gcodetools works in Linux, Windows and even MacOS.

Both Inkscape and Gcodetools are licensed under GNU GPL - this means that they are free to use even for commercial purposes. Both of them are opensource.

You can get Gcodetools from English part of cnc-club.ru - cnc-club.com Inkscape Gcodetools plug-in English support forum

As I'm one of the developers I'll try my best to answer all your questions :D.

Starting Inkscape 0.49 Gcodetools will be included in Inkscape's package.

PS sorry for my English :).
Here are some screenshots and photos:
gcodetools quick man.png

EMC screenshot.png

lumen lab gcodetools cnc pocketing 1280.jpg
lumen lab gcodetools cnc pocketing 1280.jpg (21.8 KiB) Viewed 18001 times
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Re: Gcodetools - free CAM extension for free Inkscape

Postby lovebugjunkie » Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:11 am

Thanks for letting us know about this. Always wanted to get a small cnc lathe but the cost of the lathe cam software always put me off.
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