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Postby iGull » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:04 pm

mikegrundvig wrote:I second Virtual Box as a good option for running an app inside of the OS proper rather than dual boot. I think dual boot is too much of a pain personally. I've used Virtual Box for running Linux VMs inside of a Windows desktop many times.
With that said, I'm very interested in hearing more about the controller your friend is using. Got a link or something you could PM? Thanks!

Apologies for the delayed reply, I must have missed that, here's a link to the shenhui controller ...

Website is a bit chinglish, but readable. The software they use is Laserworks (looks like a clone of LaserCAD - or the other way round - except that it seems to have been developed more) - have a look on the sawmill creek forums for real info. Their software is certainly a lot better - whether the hardware is - I can only say that having seen a friends setup, it's equally as good as the lightobject.

I was laughing at autocrib's remarks re mac/pc :D - being a mac owner since 1986, I'm in the other camp - but I hereby promise not to fight or vandalise anything :D Perhaps his comments are a tad misguided though :-))


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