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mach3 post processor for laser

Postby injunear » Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:30 pm

Anyone care to share a Mach3 Post Processor that will work with Cut2D? Mark's Post Processor doesn't work for some reason. It has my Laser just going in large circles. The Toolpath isn't shown in the Display Window in Mach 3 either.
I have a version that I modified (attachment) that sort of works but the laser stays on after completing a cut and moving on to the next profile. It sort of lingers there with the beam on and I think this is where the Z axis/Safe Z would be happening before a Rapid move. All reference to Z have been removed but I don't know enough about G code, or Post Processors to know what I'm doing....Any help would be appreciated.
2.x test1_inch.txt
this is my file
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2x test2_inch.txt
this is Bart's version
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I should not that it says Cut3D and I have Cut 2D but I believe this is the original version Bart modified for Cut 2D.
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Re: mach3 post processor for laser

Postby injunear » Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:43 am

Ok, so I put many hours into this Post Processor and I finally got a version that works with Cut 2D/Mach 3. There are some things that need to be setup in the Cut 2D CAM but it's simple enough (see attachment).

BTW, if you're not familiar with this it uses E0P1/E0P0 to turn the laser Beam on and off. It is assigned to output 1 in Mach 3 and is set to Port1, pin17. Search Bart's blog for more information. He wrote the original article about using this with Cut 2D to implement a Laser Cutter (with manual control).

In Cut 2D, make a Laser tool (Mine's nothing more than an end mill) with a Diameter of .003". See attachment. I have also included a copy of the modified Post Processor so as to save someone else the trouble of getting this to work with Cut 2D.

P.S. Don't forget to change the extension from .txt to .pp....The file should be installed to C/:Program Data/Vectric/Cut2d/V1.5/PostP

Tool settings

2.x Cut 2D_inch.txt
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