Laser power supply not going to standby, 2.x issue?

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Laser power supply not going to standby, 2.x issue?

Postby punitor1 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:51 pm


I am running an laser I built 3 years ago (2000+ Hrs of run time). Based on 2.x software but different hardware/size. I just switched to a new 130 watt tube and power supply and changed from low level PWM control to high level PWM (I want the new system to be fail safe). Everything is working fine except the laser does not shut down (good thing I have a laser kill switch)... I assume this happened with the conversion to high level control but I cannot find the issue. Both M3 and M4 commands leave the laser operating. I don't have a good o-scope, so I cannot check the output from my BOB.

Short of an 2.x config issue all I can think of is a differential between ac/dc grounds with the new power supply causing some stray voltage that triggers the high level control - but this is a stretch.

I know I am fishing but does anyone have an idea? I have spent all day trying to figure it out without any success.
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