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DeskCNC Option

Postby iGull » Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:46 pm


I've been using DeskCNC on my CNC router for a number of years and find it an excellent product - even has built-in CAM. My main gripe is that there is not a Mac OSX version - I've been campaigning for a few years on this :D Here's what the programmer had to say today regarding a Mac version and their aspirations on Laser cutter control ...

Embarcadero (makers of our compiler) released the 'final' version on Sept 1st. I am busy porting over DeskCNC as best as time allows. They have cleaned it up quite a bit...maybe too much as they removed some needed features I have been using.

We have also adapted our USB Controller to run 'laser' code... It will reduce Laser power when 'cornering' in Vector mode and we have a strategy for the Raster image engraving as well. Our current USB controller does not have the best PWM output engine so work continues on a new USB Controller based on the latest 32 bit micro processors. The new controller will run code for most any type of machine.

Additionally, work continues in our machine shop developing a quality 3D Rapid Prototyping head as well.

Work does progress albeit you can not see the progress. There Will be a Mac version by years end and you will be the first to give it a go.

I hope that is the case :D

DeskCNC is a really low cost CNC system - NOT parallel port control either ! The interface is exceptionally clean and simple to use - the hardware is also very small and easy to retrofit to existing or new systems (mine is on an old Step-Four CNC system).

Definitely worth a look (maybe I'll get a free board for the plug - probably not :D :D )


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Re: DeskCNC Option

Postby wmgeorge » Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:35 pm

I contacted Carl at DeskCNC a week or so ago about laser control. He said it is the works, but nothing asked about Mac support. Yes, I would like to have the controller on my laser build or a conversion.

My suggestion, I never buy new laptops I get used Lenovo ThinkPads. Last one I am using now has 4 Gb memory, Intel Multi Core processor, 200 Gb hard drive and was just three years old when purchased from a student who used for Photoshop and web design classes. Also came with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and the docking station. Complete with two batteries and two power supplies. Grand total for all, $300.

The medical local clinics use them in place of desktop computers and those are available from a local surplus electronics center. My older one with XP Pro will go to the shop to run the laser cutter.
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