AWC608 > which drivers? Cheap or big?

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AWC608 > which drivers? Cheap or big?

Postby bloq » Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:44 pm

Hey : )

i am in the very beginning of my 2.x laser build but i always try to figure out everything as detailed as possible before i start. I think i will get an AWC608 / or an AWC 608 C. I am wondering which stepper drivers (for the recommendet NEMAS) are the best match. I read about the KL-4042D but they are pretty expensive so i would like to ask you, if they are really needed or if a cheaper solution would also work great. I only have expericen with small driver shields so i do not know about the benefits a better board would bring to the project.

thank you!
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Re: AWC608 > which drivers? Cheap or big?

Postby r691175002 » Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:17 pm

More expensive drivers can of course support larger stepper motors, but the biggest advantage is that they have more sophisticated control algorithms.
The newer digital drivers are completely silent at almost every speed, and have much better low speed control.

Noise and humming from stepper motors is generally indicative of resonance or wasted energy which can impact the motors temperature and the surface finish of your cuts/prints.

The cheaper 3d printer electronics did not exist when the 2.x design was made, and will do a reasonable job. I believe the lasersaur design uses the allegro chips .

I'm planning on using these for my next project: ... -p-75.html
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