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Buildlog Laser Interface Driver

Postby pourcirm » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:56 am

Hi All,

I have on of Bart's Laser Interface Drivers ( ... river-pcb/) that I'm trying to get running with EMC/LinuxCNC. I'm having some issues with it right now and was wondering if anyone out there could maybe throw up a screenshot for me that shows what settings they're using in the StepConfig Wizard that LinuxCNC has. I've been playing around with the settings and I cannot get my motors to move at all. I've tried rewiring the motor pairs, changing the J2 jumper, and a few other things and I'm having no luck. I don't have any of my endstops or switches hooked up, but that shouldn't matter for the testing mode that I'm in.

So what am I missing and can anyone give me a hand?

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