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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:16 pm
by LarryBoyd

I just purchased a cnc shark. Being new to cnc I am fighting the learning curve and studying the tutorials. I am having a problem with my machine losing info. The first thing I notice is that the forward speed adjustment in the jog program starts out o.k. and works well on fast but later it will on it will only run in slow position even though it is set for high or medium. also it seems to skip some lines of g-code.Example: in carving the velocette tutorial it omitted the V. After it finished running I ran it again and it picked it up and turned out o.k. I was running my router at about 1/2 speed(around 15000 rpm and I had the forward speed set at 50% even though in Vectric software the speed was set at 100 in per min. I am wondering if maybe I have a bad step motor or maybe the processor is bad. I would appreciate any suggestions.I have not been able to reach the folks at next wave automation thanks Felix Brittain

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