Grounding the Frame

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Grounding the Frame

Postby dirktheeng » Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:57 pm


I was just finishing up the wiring for the rig and thought I would try to ground the frame for safety (shock hazard). However, to my surprise some of the members on my frame did not have a path to ground. The aluminum is annodized and that layer is a good insulator. If your frame nuts don't penetrate this layer there won't be a path to ground. I reccommend checking the resistance to all your frame members. Either find a spot to poke through the finish layer or touch your probe to the cut end. Also, you should check the actual resistance to make sure it is a good connection... don't just use the short/open probe as this can be a little deceptive if you have a weak connection.
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Re: Grounding the Frame

Postby utfifas09 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:34 am

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