Air Assist and Engraving Quality

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Air Assist and Engraving Quality

Postby andrewblanejr » Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:37 am

I was previously using a 40W laser to engrave and cut 1/8" black acrylic. I found that if i cut or engraved without either leaving he factory masking paper on or applying new masking then the edges of the cut and the area near the engraving would suffer some sort of distortion/damage from what i guess was either heat or smoke or both. Leaving the masking on and then removing later solved this problem for me. BUT it is a lot harder for me to remove the masking on each cut and double-sided-engraved piece than it would be to remove ahead of time. Does anyoe know whether the air assist strength (volume of air) would change this? I'd like to be able to peel off the masking and proceed with engraving and cutting without having unintended burn/melt/smoke damage...
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