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Here are the drawings for my laser. They are presented "as is" with no guarantee. You should determine if it will work for you before you start building or buying parts. I currently provide limited support via the forum. Please use the forum so others can hear the answers. I cannot guarantee support will continue. If you make improvements to the design, please let me know so others can benefit. This laser will continue to evolve, so don't complain if I change it after you made some parts.


Safety: Lasers are dangerous in many ways. They can kill you with high voltage, they can blind you with the beam. The laser can start fires inside or outside the enclosure. Never operate the machine without safety glasses and never operate it unattended. Bottom Line: You built it, so you are responsible for all aspects of safety.

Drawing Notes: Many drawings are not fully dimensioned. These are usually items that will most likely cut via CNC. All drawings are to scale. If you need more dimensions, you can add please them yourself. Most stuff was drawn in Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5. I can provide native Pro/E files, STEP files, DXF and several other formats. It takes a lot of time to maintain multiple formats, so only request things that are really necessary.



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Part No Description     PDF DXF STEP BOM
D40006 System Schematic Using Interface/Driver    
D43001 Interface Drawing (exterior dims)    
D32014 System Schematic Using DSP & Intfc/Driver    
D32016 System Schematic using DSP & 4 Axis    
D32018 System Schematic Using LO DSP & 4 Axis PCB    
Laser Interface PCB
  Gerber Files    
  Outline Drawing    
  User Guide    
D30025 System Assembly Drawing    
D30027 Frame Assembly Drawing    
D30043 Gantry Assembly Drawing    
D30013 Cover Assembly    
D30026 V Rail Assembly Drawing (depricated)    
B30012 Idler Pulley Assembly (deprecated)    
B30028 Delrin Wheel Assembly    
B30029 Idler Pulley Assembly (deprecated)    
B30022 Belt Tensioner Assembly (deprecated)    
B30023 Idler Bearing Assembly    
C30033 Z Lead Screw Assembly    
C30032 Interface Panel Assembly    
B19011 Interface Panel plate    
D30011 Electronics Module Assembly    
D30014 Z Table Assembly    
C14009 Electronics Module Rear Plate    
C30001-020 Laser Carriage Assembly    
B17001-001 Delrin V Wheel    
C17010 Tube Support Bracket    
B17011 Cover Stop    
B18001 Eccentric Spacer    
C30001-013 Gantry End Bracket (right)    
C30001-014 Gantry End Bracket (left)    
C14001-001 Laser Carriage Plate    
B14001-001 Z Table Lift Plate    
B30036 Z Axis Motor Upgrade    
B18013 Assist Air Nozzle    
C51001 0.25 Thk Plastic Part    
C51002 0.50 Thk Plastic Part    
C51004 Skins    
D19007 Cover Window    
  Mach3 Setup Instructions    
  Build Instruction    





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