What is a Build Log?

Build logs are the open source equivalent of the research notebook. You basically document the progress of a project, but it can be so much more. You can collaborate with others, get feedback, have people review your work. Often feedback can save you from mistakes already made by others. You will make some friend too. We are always swapping ideas, encouragement and even some spare parts.


Why create a Build Log?

They invite comments and encouragement.


How does it work?

The buildlogs system is based on a phpBB forum. If you can create a phpBB forum post you will have no trouble creating and maintaining a buildlog. Regular forum based buildlogs have been around for years. The problem with them is that comments, quetions and side topics often break up the flow of the buildlog and new readers will get lost or loose interest. This system parses the buildlog onto a separate page. Only the posts the Author writes and wants to to display are shown. The rest of the stuff is collapsed down to a single line per entry. They can be expanded and view with a click.


How do I get Started.

First you need to join the forum. Then simply ask me (bdring) for the right to create a topic in the buildlog forum. Once the topic is started anyone can post to it, just like a normal topic.


Helpful free tools


Creating PDFs

Resizing Images

Screen Capture